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The Archaeological Automobile

Project Overview

The book, The Archaeological Automobile, is the culmination of knowledge from a lifetime of work by the author, Miles Collier. Collier’s in-depth analysis and look at the technological development of the automobile was intended to serve as a comprehensive historical reference as well as a “handbook” for car enthusiasts and collectors alike.

The book jacket cover was designed around the Ballot — the automobile that Collier presents as his example for extended study in the text. The back cover and end pages were intended to reflect an active collection of rare automobiles and the proper care and maintenance of these incredible machines.

Also, a limited, special edition box was designed to complement the release of the book along with an author’s note card.

For the main body of the book — print specifications were fine tuned, photographs were prepped, final layout production was executed, and the book was press checked in its entirety on behalf of the author.

To provide a pre-release presence for the book at The Amelia Concours d’Elegance, a mobile exhibition wall was designed and supplemented with a complimentary brochure.

The Archaeological Automobile Front And Back Covers
Alfa Romeo Spread
Targa Spread
TAA Porsche Speedster Spread
The Archaeological Mindset Spread
The Archaeological Automobile Exhibition Display
TAA Author Card Ballot
TAA Author Card
The Archaeological Automobile Brochure
The Archaeological Automobile Brochure
The Archaeological Automobile Brochure